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Compression is graduated taking its maximum value in the ankle area and a decompression of approximately 30% to the calf. The amount of compression at the ankle area is between 19 and 20 mm Hg (the unit used for compression is millimeters of mercury).

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95 % Polyamide
5 % Elastane(Lycra)

Excellent compression stocking for general sports. Its careful construction, using an advance graduated compression technology, makes it extremely effective for “performance” and comfort in sports. This product is certified according to European standards.

Excellent choice in Quality / Price, with superior characteristics in relation to the best International brands.

Technical specifications:

  • Graduated Compression with compression level of 20mmHg at the ankle.
  • With anatomical support that gives stability to the calf muscle (“Bee Nest” knit structure).
  • Increases Blood Circulation and consequent Muscle Oxygenation during sports effort.
  • Reduces the accumulation of toxins.
  • Provides high muscular containment during sports (reducing the risk of cramps).
  • Reduces fatigue and risk of injury

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