Recovery R9 Technical Sock


Compression is graduated taking its maximum value in the ankle area and a decompression of approximately 30% to the calf. The amount of compression at the ankle area is between 28 and 29 mm Hg (the unit used for compression is millimeters of mercury).

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80 % Polyamide
20 % Elastane(Lycra)


The post-effort recovery is a must for any athlete.
This sock is designed to help the recovery of the athlete after its training or competition. With a higher compression level (class 2) and an ergonomic construction, it presents zones of greater muscular stimulation increasing the blood flow and respective oxygenation of the muscles. It provides rapid relaxation and reduces fatigue and muscle pain after exercise. It attenuates the appearance of cramps.

The socks were made respecting the standard BS6612:85

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