Celuvein Lotion 250ml


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Celuvein is a lotion with moisturizing characteristics, but also venotropic and anti-cellulite. The venotropic action consists of improving blood circulation, in the treatment of venous attempt. Celuu is indicated for the treatment of symptoms associated with venous function (difficulties in circulation) of the lower limbs (legs), such as the feeling of heavy, painful and swollen legs or itching (itching). After physical exercise, Celuvein will help to restore blood circulation to the limbs, thus allowing a better recovery, thus the development of small vascular damage or even the treatment of varicose veins. The venotropic action of CELUVEIN is made with the flavonoids of Ruscus Aculeatus and the anti-cellulite action with caffeine. The composition of CELUVEIN also guarantees an antioxidant action, through Milk Thistle, and firming, through Organic Silicon that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Celuvein should be applied twice a day. With ascending massages to increase the depth of the active principles.