Technical Calf Sleeve Q.T.M Black/Pink


Compression is graduated taking its maximum value in the ankle area and a decompression of approximately 30% to the calf. The amount of compression at the ankle area is between 23 and 24 mm Hg (the unit used for compression is millimeters of mercury).

The calf sleeve were made respecting the standard BS6612: 85

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90 % Polyamide
10 % Elastane(Lycra)

This Graduated Compression Calf Sleeve is produced with Microfiber Polyamide.

This material offer a unique cooling effect and ultra-smooth arm feel, it helps maintain a comfortable temperature during and after physical activity. Microfiber multifilaments provide flexibility and softness to the finished product. Its use creates a soft touch and provides ventilation to the Twins.

In addition to the benefits of graduated compression, this Calf Sleeve is extremely lightweight and breathable.
It is a perfect complement to any workout or race day.

Technical specifications:

  • Graduated compression
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Absorption capacity and Sweat Elimination
  • Reduces toxins accumulation
  • Provides muscle stability
  • Reduces fatigue and risk of injury

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