What’s the formation of INC products?

95% polyamide and 5% elastane (Lycra).

Why use INC products during a trip?

Minimizes swelling of the lower limbs for long periods of time (accumulation of blood in the lower limbs). The use of INC material for several hours is possible since the compression is ideal!

What’s the advantage of using INC products after exercise?

Accelerates the process of venous return and recovery. Important stability enabling a much more rapid muscle recovery. After being taken to recover (decreased muscle swelling) the material becomes just a compression that is not uncomfortable! NO USAGE TIME LIMIT FOR INC PRODUCTS.

Main role of INC products during exercise?

Slows dilation of the veins and thus the onset of muscle fatigue. Muscle stability, minimizing muscle waste and does not limit muscle contraction. The muscles do not take extreme fatigue and its recovery will be much faster day after day.

What kind of stability do these products offer?

Another important function of this type of material is the muscular stability, minimizing muscle wasting through vibration and minimizing all unnecessary muscle movement during physical activity, shock or large amplitude. (Risk of injury) The stability function also plays a key role in recovery (after) as well as in cases of injury, contributing both in muscle recovery following exercise and in muscle healing (stability) in case of injury.

Compression benefits?

For compression benefits, you will have to use it as a supplement and never as a main muscle recover. Muscles during physical activity have to work in a free form; compression can never limit muscle contraction. EXCESSIVE COMPRESSION DOESN’T BRING BENEFITS DURING OR AFTER, it just causes discomfort and the opposite effect that it was supposed to have.

What’s the compression level?

One of the important things to take into account in this kind of technical material characteristics its the level of compression, this compression can not be equal throughout the member. The INC material has a graduated compression, so the compression at the ankle area will be higher (100%) of the calf area (85%), the same situation arises in other INC products, thus there is an increased blood circulation, allowing more effective venous return and a better oxygenation of the muscles facilitating recovery during and after exercise.

Units used in products?

The compression unit is millimeters of mercury. INC complies with the standard BS6612:85 and its compression is between 18-21mm Hg (Between Class 1 Class 2).