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INC compression stockings are produced by a company with 100 years of experience in the production of socks, and 14 years in technical graduated compression stockings. This company follows the European standards for compression stockings and is certified by International Institutes. It is manufactured in stockings adapted equipment that gives them a combination of several types of meshes adapted to the requirements of each modality.



Technical Specifications

INC compression stockings provide superior comfort and strength, using the best raw materials and elastic Lycra covered yarns. The materials used are sturdy, keeping their characteristics after consecutive washes.
• Enhanced mesh with greater protection of the leg, giving a graduated compression, spongy tissue engaging foot protection.
• Graduated compression increases blood circulation, improving sports performance with anatomical support, thus providing stability to the leg muscle, thus avoiding the risk of injury.
• Compressive technical fabric that reduces the accumulation of toxins leg level.
• Huge power of absorption and elimination of sweat.
• Compression in the calf area allows a more effective venous return and improved oxygenation of muscles, facilitating recovery during maximum effort and after.
• High level of comfort with reinforced mesh in the toe, sole, heel and the Achilles tendon.
• Side and below ventilation on the sole and foot, ensuring the circulation of air, thus increasing comfort.
• Padded sole, using a stronger level of fibers.
• Flat seams, increased comfort and reducing the formation of air bubbles.
• Material formation – 95% polyamide and 5% spandex (Lycra).